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Home Safety Equipment

Home Safety Equipment

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You have heard of expecting parents baby- proofing their homes, from sharp corner cushions and plug socket cushions to drawer and appliance locking latches. Home safety experts, Lindam, provide EveryThing4You clients with all the latest innovations in safety equipment in the baby industry.

Our range even features a home safety kit, complete with safety latches, corner cushions, socket covers and a door stopper. All parents worry about the safety of their home with a baby in the house, which makes safety equipment a very good investment. Retailers looking to invest in necessary safety equipment can now stock from our l versatile range. Log in to discover more about each product own specifications and find the items that suit your clients’ needs the best.

  • Safety First Socket Covers (6pk)
    • Designed to stop children from inserting their fingers or other objects into plug sockets
    • Designed to fit into a UK 3 plug socket
    • Easily removable when no longer needed
  • Safety First Handle Flex Lock
    • See when the Cabinet lock is locked correctly thanks to the SecureTech® system 
    • Very easy to use and to remove thanks to the quick release system 
    • Convenient adjustable pins to fit any kind of cabinet
  • Safety First Cabinet Slide Lock
    • See when the Cabinet lock is locked correctly thanks to the SecureTech® system 
    • Opens with one hand pressing 2 buttons at the same time
    • Adjustable sliding system to fit all kinds of cabinets
  • Lindam Angle Locks x2
    • Perfect 'L' shaped lock for keeping prying fingers out of drawers, cabinets or appliances
    • Easy to install and instantly effective
    • A must have safety gadget for any home
    • Part of a wider range of home safety accessories available from Lindam
    • Pack of 2 Angle Locks
  • Lindam Appliance Latch
    • Restrict a child's access to potentially dangerous appliances
    • Discreetly fit to freezers, refrigerators or dishwashers using strong adhesive pads
    • Easy to fit
  • Lindam Multi-Purpose Latch
    • Suitable for use on double cupboards
    • Measure 3.5cm W x 18cm L
    • The latches disable for temporary non use
    • Easy fit adhesive pads are included
    • Ideal for restricting access to appliances or cupboards
    • Flexible clear rubberised latch bends around the contours of fridges and microwaves
    • Disables for temporary non-use
  • Lindam Xtra Guard Dual Guard Socket Covers x4
    • Socket covers affix to power sockets providing a dual layer of safety
    • The unique ‘anti grip’ design makes it difficult to remove without the use of a tool
    • The Lindam Dual Locking Socket Covers have been developed to supersede other products, through design and rigorous testing.
    • Pack contains 4 Lindam Dual Guard Socket Covers
  • Lindam Xtra Guard Energy Absorbing Corner Cushion x4
    • Discreet clear rubber corner cushions
    • Easily fitted using double sided sticky pads provided
    • Ideal for cushioning the top and bottom of sharp corners
    • Unique ‘crumple zone’ – provides an energy absorbing bubble, which collapses under impact, cushioning the child from danger
    • Easy to fit with its strong adhesive pads
    • Pack contains 4 Lindam Energy Absorbing Corner Cushions

    Regular Price: £7.00

    Special Price £4.31

    £2.69 (38%)

  • Lindam Xtra Guard Dual Locking Multi-Purpose Latch
    • Unique double action unlocking mechanism providing a enhanced safety
    • One handed lock which ‘clicks’ into place giving total piece of mind
    • When unlocked the unit can be rotated through 90 degrees for convenience when children aren’t around
    • Flexible strap allows it to be used around corners
    • Easy to fit with its strong adhesive pads

    Regular Price: £5.49

    Special Price £5.12

    £0.37 (7%)

  • Lindam Xtra Guard Dual Locking Drawer Latch x 6
    • Dual-locking system for enhanced safety
    • Features 3 different locking positions
    • Ideal for securing kitchen & bathroom drawers
    • Pack contains 6 pieces

    Regular Price: £6.18

    Special Price £5.80

    £0.38 (6%)

  • Safety First Soft Corner Guards
    • Corner guards made of clear gel
    • Four soft corner guards included in one pack
    • Designed to fit standard sized furniture and surfaces
    • Adheres easily using double sided sticky pads
    • Easily removable when no longer needed

    Regular Price: £9.00

    Special Price £7.75

    £1.25 (14%)

  • Safety First Magnetic Lock (2pk)
    • See when the Magnetic lock is locked correctly thanks to the SecureTech® system
    • Easy to install with screw or adhesive and quick to unlock with magnetic key. The lock can be deactivated without dismantling
    • Invisible, the locking device cannot be seen from the outside

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