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Cot Bumper Books

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  • Tiny Love Double Sided First Book Pink
    • On-the-go book suitable from birth to 6 months
    • Encourages visual stimulation and development of baby’s cognitive skills and senses
    • Two side with different colour schemes and variety of textures and crinkly elements
    • High contrast black, white and pink images on one side to stimulate baby’s sight
    • Brightly coloured complex 3D illustration on the other side for older babies
    • Pictures combined with intriguing activities
    • Mirror, horn, 3D figures and crinkly peek-a-boo elements
    • Ideal to use for extend tummy time
    • Easy to fold stripe for on-the-go use
    • Fits most carriers
    • Dimensions: 5 (d) x 104 (w) x 17.5 (h) cm
    • Features soothing vibrations and 3 tunes.

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    Special Price £11.99

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