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Sleepsuits, Sleepbags & Gowns

Sleepsuits, Sleepbags & Gowns

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It is a well-known fact that babies need a lot of sleep. It helps in development as sleep is essential for mental growth and confirming what was learnt while awake. A good selection of sleepsuits therefore, is just what every parent needs and just what you can provide to your clientele, with the help of Baby Brands Direct.

Rockabye Baby and Gorgeous Gifts are two of the reputable brands working with us to supply the latest sleeping fashions with you. The following products are made of organic delicate fabrics to ensure safety for baby’s skin. You will also find garment made of 100% cotton that is antibacterial and adjusts according to the temperature. When it is hot it keeps baby cool and when it is cold it would keep baby warm. Our collection includes sleepsuits suitable for boy and girl in a variety of colours with distinctive details on each garment.

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