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Tummy Time Playmats

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  • Lamaze Spin & Explore Garden Gym
    • Grows with baby to be enjoyed in new ways as the-months go by
    • Bright contrasting colours and patterns stimulate vision
    • Rattles, squeaks and crinkles develop auditory senses
    • Different textures to grip and grab refine motor skills
    • Lovable characters inspire pretend play and enhance social skills
  • Bright Starts Pretty Sweet Savanna Prop and Play Mat (Pink)
    • Soft, padded mat makes tummy time play and exercise more enjoyable
    • Removable prop up pillow is just the right size for young infants
    • Fun ring rattle
    • Colourful bead chaser
    • 2 FunLinksTM for attaching baby's favorite toys
    • Lots of fun toys and activities for little ones to play with
    • Cute baby friendly designs, featuring sweet animals and flowers
    • Mat includes tummy time pad, allowing baby to prop themselves up

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    Special Price £12.49

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