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Swaddles & Muslins

Swaddles & Muslins

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Many parents swaddle their babies and they would normally expect a retailer to have this product in their collection. Essentially, a swaddle means wrapping up the baby with a soft fabric and allowing him to relax in comfort. Interestingly, swaddling is a process used throughout history. It is claimed that the feeling of being held within the blanket can help babies to feel settled or less fretful and can also help them to sleep. It is thought stops the baby making its startle (Moro) reflex.

Our collection features safe swaddles made of skin-friendly materials, soft and breathable fabrics. The swaddles are expertly designed so parents can swaddle their babies in simple few steps. The following items are supplied by reputable brands like Babymoov and C&H and come in variety of colours and designs, suitable for boy and girl as well unisex. Each item has further specifications that you will find on their individual products pages.

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