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Positioners & Pillows

Positioners & Pillows

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Babies get themselves into all kinds of awkward positions when sleeping or when simply laying down. That’s why brands like Babymoov have put time and effort into developing baby positioning products and innovative pillow designs. The Cosydream does exactly what it advertises, keeping babies comfortable yet positioned in a way to give back and head support. The Ergonest is a fantastic product with a versatile dual purpose device designed to safely lift baby in two different elevated positions. Ideal for babies who suffer with infant reflux symptoms, have colds and breathing ailments or simply prefer to be propped up. All of the accessories come in light, pastel colours to avoid baby over reacting to brighter colours, which we all know are stimulating activity. Click to uncover each product specific features described in professionally written descriptions.

  • Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow COVER White
    • 100% Cotton
    • Fits the standard dreamgenii pregnancy pillow
    • Supports bump, knees & back
    • Cover can be machine washed at 40°C
    • Helps to achieve optimal foetal positioning
    • Encourage maximum blood flow to mother and baby
    • Encourages baby to adopt optimum position for birth

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  • Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow
    • Suitable for use from as soon as sleep issues arise, right through until after baby has arrived
    • Unique shape for a good night's sleep during pregnancy
    • Specifically designed to support back, bump and knees without taking up all of the space in the bed
    • Can be used as a support for breastfeeding once baby has arrived
    • Encourages you to lay on your left hand side which is the best position for you and your baby
    • Can help encourage your baby to adopt the optimal foetal position which can lead to a quicker and less painful labour
    • Comes complete with white removable pillow cover (machine washable)
    • Midwife approved and award winning
    • 50% Polyester, 50% Cotton Cover
    • Machine wash cover only at 40°C

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  • Summer Infant Ultimate Body Comfort Pillow (White)
    • Extra large body-length pillow fully supports mum during and after pregnancy
    • Use as a tummy support cushion for growing bump, breastfeeding pillow or a support for baby
    • Zippered insert for customised support
    • Removable, washable soft cotton cover is cool and breathable
    • Versatile, patented design is great for baby, toddler and mum!
    • Cotton body-length pillow supports mum during and after pregnancy
    • Supports mum's tummy, back and hips for a better sleep
    • Great for breast-feeding; provides back support for mum and the perfect position to support baby
    • Suitable for use as a support seat for babies and infants learning to sit up
    • Removable support insert
    • Removable, machine washable cover
    • 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton cover. 100% Polyester filling

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